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Can you hear it?


It’s the deafening sound of loneliness.

Let’s face it, almost everyone needs a friend, right? But, in this age of Social Media, friendship has been reduced to a couple of keystrokes that feature Likes, Loves and Pin-its.  But, that’s no reason to give up searching for true, genuine and lasting friendships.

Included within the pages of the ebook "Forever Friends: Making Lasting Friendships Without Social Media", are 25 basic but essential steps that everyone should practice every day in our friendships. These 25 principles and social skillsets are included in checklist format for easy printing and daily review.


After reading Forever Friends: Making Lasting Friendships Without Social Media, it is hoped that you will be able to put these concepts into practice, starting today, in your search for genuine and real friends.


Download your copy now at:

Anonymous Q&A

Clutter: One Step Away From Hoardin


Do you have a problem or difficulties in maintaining and discarding clutter? Clutter is an obvious problem. Over time, it can become a major obstacle that cuts down on your productivity and free time. It also can eventually become very expensive.

Clutter can even lead to health problems and numerous complications, such as respiratory ailments. This at times can be a result of the collection of mold, mildew and other pathogens on accumulated and stored items.

Accumulating clutter can even lead to hoarding which can cause strained relationships with a spouse, family, friends and colleagues.

CLUTTER: ONE STEP AWAY FROM HOARDING can help you to get organized and back on track.

This publication was designed to help you get control of this nuisance and emerge organized at home, your office, and in LIFE