Our web pages are designed to enable users to seamlessly access shareable information across numerous platforms - including phone numbers, emails, social media accounts, addresses, documents, pictures, websites, and external content - directly via user's default iPhone cameras using our personalized QR code icons. 

For professional and personal purposes alike, users no longer have to ask how to keep in touch with one another. Now everyone can stay up-to-date by updating their contact information on our platform.

The Solution to Your Organizational Needs

Nowadays, everybody recieves information through numerous sources. We understand that - so we decided to create a sort of interactive "table of contents".


Projects are accessible to persons of interest online via OneTopic icons and searchable links, referencing webpages designed specifically for instant access by end-users.

Our services are used for the following:


Transform documents, manuals, notes, guides, contracts, terms & conditions, brochures, into so much more 


Manage inventory, projects, products, contacts, team roles, lists, and lesson plans in clear, yet unimaginable ways

Data Files

Visualize data, directories, FAQs, files, forums, records, reports, and summaries more seamlessly than ever before

What Is An


Instant Access to Everything

You Need

in a Flash

... Literally

From This:

Use camera or 

QR Scanner app 

To This:







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