Gain an online advantage

over your competitors

It is hard to differentiate yourself from your competition if you all sell similar products. The key to increasing customer retention is by increasing your accessibility.
In the age of technology, consumers, businesses, and stakeholders rely on information spread all throughout the web. These links can be made by anyone - employees, bloggers, writers, customers, haters, or worse - hackers. With fake news becoming a growing issue online, how could anyone know the difference?
How can consumers know which links about a subject or company are trustworthy?
Wouldn't it be better if all the information online about a company was consolidated, managed, and verified by the business owner?   
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Advance your business

on the internet

It is critical for all companies to build brand authority online in order to prove legitimacy. This allows people to see the story of your company, products, and services in real time based on what others have to say about it all across the web.
The bigger you want your company to be, the more important it becomes to have control over what is said about it. This builds your trust, relevance, and following online which in turn generates leads, prospects, and buzz for your brand.
OneTopic lets professionals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses select the links on the internet that they want their audience to reference in the future. A OneTopic page allows a company to manage its own PR messaging by giving its followers a single webpage that directs viewers to all the most relevant content posted about the company anywhere online. 

Capture and Generate Leads

Quickly and Efficiently

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Anyone who hands out business cards, fliers, or brochures know that follow up is a slow, tedious, and often fruitless process. Everyone knows that the majority of people you hand your business card to will not contact you. In fact, most people will throw it away or shove it in a desk; never to be seen again.
The worst part is, we all know this to be true yet we still insist that we must continue a business practice that has historically proven to be ineffective.
OneTopic is effective at three things:
  1. Using innovation to differentiate professionals and online brands from competitors
  2. Providing instant access to content directly to mobile phones using Peer-to-Peer technology
  3. Increasing lead generation time and follow up in two ways: 
    • enabling prospects to establish online relationships on their platform of choice
    • enabling professionals to immediately follow up with the prospects they meet in-person the moment that prospect clicks any icon to follow, email, message, or call you at point-of-contact 
OneTopic significantly reduces the amount of steps required to establish professional relationships. Giving someone a business card does not allow you to contact them; you have to wait for them to contact you. Giving someone your OneTopic page allows them to search and view all your content online immediately. If a prospect quickly follows or makes a connection with you, you can now lead the discussion.   

Simultaneously promote

key products and services

in person

Easily give your audience

direct access to your content

across the web

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Unique OneTopic Icons

So you're saying I don't need an app? I just need to put my camera in front red icons like this? That's it?

Exactly! Each user profile has its own personal OneTopic icon. Users can share pages with anyone, even if they are not users, as long as they have iOS11 on an iPhone camera or a QR code app on Android.

First Impressions

Nice to meet you! Let's get straight to the point

Whether it's a cute boy or girl, a new friend, a potential client, or an employer, the last thing you want is to kill the momentum. Let them contact you how they feel most comfortable without typos.

Stand Out

Set yourself apart from the crowd

OneTopic is perfect for recruiting, networking events, trade shows, conferences, and following up on people you meet along the way. Your OneTopic icon gives them everything they need all at once. 

Online Business Cards

More follow ups - less business cards in the trash

It's hard to keep track of all the people you meet and the information you receive when everyone is handing you resumes and fliers. If this sounds like you, sign up now! Contact us to build for the whole team!

Instagram Bio

You will never have to update your bio link again 

Show your followers all the amazing things you have going on by putting your OneTopic profile link on your Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn bio. Lead them to your blog, store, event link, or website.

Online Presentation Tool

All of your most important details in one place

Create an online directory for your team or clients. Quickly access and share projects, checklists, group folders, onboarding materials, and more without any hassle. Contact us for more info.

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