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Save time by easily connecting viewers to content via social media, photos, blogs, files, links, and more 

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Copy and paste URLs or files onto your profile - we take care of the rest. Easy to set up and manage

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Unique OneTopic Icons

So you're saying I don't need an app? I just need to put my camera in front red icons like this? That's it?

Exactly! Each user profile has its own personal OneTopic icon. Users can share pages with anyone, even if they are not users, as long as they have iOS11 on an iPhone camera or a QR code app on Android.

First Impressions

Nice to meet you! Let's get straight to the point

Whether it's a cute boy or girl, a new friend, a potential client, or an employer, the last thing you want is to kill the momentum. Let them contact you how they feel most comfortable without typos.

Stand Out

Set yourself apart from the crowd

OneTopic is perfect for recruiting, networking events, trade shows, conferences, and following up on people you meet along the way. Your OneTopic icon gives them everything they need all at once. 

Follow Up on Prospects Instantly

Instantly add viewers to your contact list from your page

Anyone who sees your OneTopic page can send you their contact information over the web. Both of you will get a follow up email reminding each of you to follow up with one another. Problem solved!

Instagram's Link in Bio Solution

You will never have to update your #LinkInBio again 

Show your followers all the amazing things you have going on by putting your OneTopic profile link on your Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn bio. Lead them to your blog, store, event link, and website.

Google Me

Control what people find when they Google search you

Once you start sharing your OneTopic link, it will show up when people Google you! This is the perfect way for people to discover and stay up-to-date with any new platforms you use in the future.

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Online Business Cards

More follow ups - less business cards in the trash

It's hard to keep track of all the people you meet and the information you receive when everyone is handing you resumes and fliers. If this sounds like you, sign up now! Contact us to build for the whole team!


Presentation Tool

All of your most important details in one place

Create an online directory for your team or clients. Quickly access and share projects, checklists, group folders, onboarding materials, and more without any hassle. Contact us for more info.

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Seeing is believing right? Click the mic & see for yourself

See what some of our earliest users have had to say about their OneTopic experience. You'd be surprised by all the creative ways our users have taken full advantage of the OneTopic platform.