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OneTopic is a multimedia platform made for artists and entrepreneurs to share multi-links highlighting their work & interesting topics

Any individual or business can now instantly collect unlimited mobile payments for free, share music, and promote yourself directly both online or in-person by linking all the different platforms you're used to like Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or Cash App

Users can send or receive contact info and anonymous messages from ANYONE -

even if they don't have a OneTopic account




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Benefits of Using Multi-Links

A Smart, Safe Alternative to Giving Out Your Phone Number or Business Card 

Keep a Digital Record of Who You Meet -

When You Meet Them

 Highlight  Your Projects, Articles, Contact Info, Websites, Files, and Social Media All-in-One

Share Honest Opinions With Friends & Associates Without Damaging Relationships

Customer Reviews

How Do I Use OneTopic?

When you meet someone:
Use your OneTopic card or the QR code on your profile to share your page with them, then ask them to click the 'Introduce Yourself' button
After you meet someone:
Send your OneTopic link to them via text, email, or messaging app and tell them to save it to their contact list so they can see any updates you make to your profile + any other things you want people to know 
When you want to share info & updates with people:
Post your OneTopic link on your Instagram / Twitter bio, then tell people to click your #linkinbio to see all your different content online
If you want to know what people think:
Share your OneTopic page using any means mentioned above and tell them to fill out the "Ask Me a Question" box on the bottom of your page
Can I add my OneTopic link to my resume or job application?
YES, of course! OneTopic is a great way to differentiate yourself from your peers and show how prepared you are when you meet employers!

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